General Steel GenStone - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are GenStone simulated products easy to install?
A. Yes. GenStone is a mortar-free product that can be easily installed with one or two people using basic hand or power tools.

Q. What preparation is needed to install GenStone?
A. GenStone only requires a clean, dry sub-straight.

Q. What is needed to install GenStone?
A. GenStone can be easily installed using simple hand or power tools.

Q. What can I apply GenStone to?
A. GenStone can be applied to virtually any sub-straight.

Q. What sizes are available?
A. GenStone is sold in 2' x 4' panels, as well as corner pieces, ledgers, and trim for easy handling and installation.

Q. What if I don't want to install this myself?
A. Anyone with a basic understanding of carpentry can easily install GenStone.

Q. Is GenStone easy to clean?
A. GenStone may be easily cleaned with a standard garden hose.

Q. Does the product have an R value?
A. Yes. GenStone provides a significant insulation value to all applications.

Q. What does the product weigh?
A. GenStone weighs approximately one pound per square foot making it easy for one person to handle and install, also eliminating the need for lift equipment and extra labor.

Q. What applications would be best suited for GenStone?
A. GenStone is perfect for commercial, industrial, or residential exterior applications. GenStone is not recommended for interior

Q. What maintenance is required?
A. GenStone requires no maintenance.

Q. Do I have to waterproof GenStone?
A. No. GenStone quality is not affected by moisture or salt water.

Q. Will GenStone fade?
A. No. GenStone combines UV stable pigmentation, along with an advanced coloration process, which allows the product to maintain it's color integrity.